Strategic Planning + Results

ML Consulting helps companies and organizations orchestrate change by focusing on results-driven planning and performance.

We help leaders and teams articulate a strategic direction with a focus on performance improvement outcomes, so that they may serve their clients more effectively and prosper in an evolving economy.

ML Consulting assists both public and private sector organizations to develop business practices that make them more efficient, customer-focused, and ultimately sustainable.Learn more

Our Services

Michele Lis Consulting facilitates meetings and planning sessions to develop strategic directions and actionable results.Why People Use Us:

• To facilitate meetings and planning sessions that focus on developing strategic directions and actionable results.

• To assist teams with change and transition processes in a way that minimizes stress.

• To provide managers/teams with tools that improve performance results and collaboration.

• To help nonprofits and businesses build their capacity to grow.

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“ML Consulting has been a joy to work with, providing just the right 
balance of listening to what I want to accomplish and then providing the
 structure and leadership to make it happen.”

Wendy Corry, Director of Program Development, Service Delivery Team

Rapid Results Planning

Rapid Results Planning is a 90-Day Action plan that engages the team in actions to improve a specific outcome-based goal or objective.How Does RRP Work?

Central Idea: Rapid Results Planning helps leaders focus on improving performance and results for the customer/client and for the organization.

Our Method: Rapid Results Planning results in a 90-Day Action Plan that focuses teams on short-term performance improvement using measurable outcomes as the benchmark for success and learning.

ML Consulting helps teams identify the most critical outcomes and implement 90-day actions to achieve them.

ML Consulting works with teams to circle back and evaluate whether they have achieved the desired result or whether they need to adapt their strategy.

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About Us

MicheleLis-ML-ConsultingMichele Lis, Principal

Michele is a results-oriented facilitator and problem solver whose personal mission is to help leaders sort out key dilemmas and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

Michele has over 25 years’ management and facilitation experience in both the public and private sector. She has an MS in Adult Education from Cornell University and considers herself a lifelong learner of collaboration and adaptive change.

As a manager with a high-performing organization for over ten years, she developed and led her teams through many changes and transitions while helping the organization grow over time. She is committed to helping other leaders achieve similar results with their teams.

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